Last Year’s Ruts – This Year’s New Paths!

I’m grateful for the turn of the year. It gives me a chance to reflect on the 12 months past and to look forward with hope to the months to come. It is a God-given rear-view mirror and also an opportunity to clean the windshield for a clearer view ahead.

Some lessons from the year past:

I’m more stuck than I thought! Though my Faithful Father has continued to graciously and miraculously transform me in His Love, there are sinful ruts I continue to slip into and run in that dishonor Him and harm my relationships. These usually involve self indulgences I have allowed myself and found sources of “comfort” for many years – no, decades! Some of them, I am finding, were survival mechanisms from very young childhood. They served to help me survive hurts and fears then … but carried on into adulthood, they have proven damaging and death-dealing. The glorious truth I’ve learned this year is that those old, destructive habits can (and will!) be rejected and reprogrammed … through God’s Grace, in His Power, and by self discipline in place of self indulgence. I can wear some new, healthy, God-glorifying, and hopeful paths! I’m looking forward to that in this new year of Hope!

New paths are not always easy to stay in, however. It may take months and years of wearing them as deeply as the old paths were worn. Those old ruts that – in truth – became graves with the ends kicked out (!) are still easy to fall into. But by my Father’s Grace, and in His Power, I can climb out! He lovingly reaches down each time I stumble, and He pulls me out, places me on His good path, and cheers me on!

So, through being transformed by His Truth, through consistent prayer, through the encouragement of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and by making better choices each day, I’m looking forward to a Year of Change. 2019 is going to be glorious!

To God be the Glory!

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