Freedom Day

Maybe it’s a worn out cliche, but it is still true that Freedom isn’t Free! Thanks to all who have gone before us to ensure the freedoms we enjoy and celebrate today.

Special thanks to those in our family who currently serve or recently served:

Our son, John Kreycik
Our niece, Chelsi Pina
Our nephew, Clay Grover
Our nephew, Gabe Gredvig

And to many friends who currently serve or have served, including:
Jonny Bee
Mark Daniel Labolle
Todd Plotner
John Harrison
Chad Christianson
Matt Picar

I’m sure I’m missing several in this list. Thank you all for your sacrificial service for all of us!

And thanks, most of all, to our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave everything to win our Freedom – for now and forever! To Him belongs eternal praise.

Happy Independence Day!

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