Baptism Testimony

Below is the testimony I gave at my baptism on April 17, 2016.  All glory to our God; He has been so good!


Testimony – Rand Kreycik – April 17, 2016


I have so much to give God glory for today, but I’ve got to keep it short and to the point, since we don’t want to be here all day, and that lovely warm water awaits!

Anyway, I am a product of a broken home.  My parents divorced when I was age 7, and I never really had a good role model to show me what a true father was like.  My biological dad was abusive, and my step dad, I think, wanted a relationship with my sister and me, but I always held him at arm’s distance … because he wasn’t my dad.  Kids think funny that way.  “Maybe Dad will come back someday, and we can have a family again.”  Of course that never happened.

When I was 14, my real dad did return for a time, though my parents never reunited.  He seemed to have found true faith in a real God, and he shared that with me.  I had been raised in a church where God seemed distant and aloof … kind of like my dad!  So when I was told I could really know God … I was attracted to that.  I wanted that.  But I also still wanted the things of the world.

My dad soon walked away from his faith, and I was again left confused, wondering what was real.  On the one hand, I continued to live like a believer, even developing leadership skills and getting training to become a Christian leader.  On the other hand, though, I kept seeking the pleasures of sin, walking in the world.

So, for decades, though I looked like an authentic Christian to most people, my dear wife knew there was something horribly wrong.  My double mindedness – my divided heart – caused her much pain and also damaged my children.  They didn’t see a real faith that worked in their father.  They saw instead a hypocrite who talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk.

My divided heart and the damage it was doing – to my family and to Jesus’ reputation too – finally became so bad that I knew I couldn’t keep on that destructive path.  As I looked ahead, I saw all too clearly that I was about to destroy my marriage, my family, and myself.  I reached a turning point.

On January 27, 2015, I went to Pastor Doug’s office.  We had been meeting for several months, as he worked with me to help salvage my life and family.  That day, though, the Holy Spirit gave me a deep awareness of my divided heart, that I was walking in darkness while claiming to walk in the light – that I just could not continue on that path.  I was being torn apart, and I could not live that way anymore.  On that day, I asked Pastor Doug if he would pray with me as I surrendered my heart and my life to my Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for me so that I could be set free from sin and darkness … so that I could have an undivided heart, fully His for all eternity.  My Heavenly Father, who gave his Precious Son to set me free, answered that prayer that day.  Hallelujah!

Since then, I have continued to grow in my newfound faith, walking more and more completely in His light.  With Pastor Doug’s help, and the encouragement of many Brothers in Christ, I’ve been learning to be a warrior, who fights for my wife, for my family, and for His Kingdom.  My precious wife, Jodi, has seen the difference and has been so encouraging.  She has been an amazing gift, staying by my side through this whole process.  I hope my children have seen a change also.  They too have been such a gift to this father who doesn’t deserve them, doesn’t deserve their mother, doesn’t deserve any of the mercy and grace that I have been shown.  I’m far from perfect, but my faith journey has now truly begun.  My heart is undivided!  I am completely His.  To my Lord Jesus be all the glory!  Amen.  (Psalm 86:11-13; Jeremiah 32:39)

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