Time of Joys and Challenges

It’s been an amazing few weeks!  I was gloriously baptized as a believer on Sunday, 4/17/16, with Jodi, all our kids, and our church family as witnesses.  What a wonderful picture water baptism is of what Christ has done for us, bringing those who put their faith in Him from death to life, from darkness to light.

Three weeks ago, our son John entered the U. S. Army and shipped out for basic training.  It’s been a time of increased prayer and trust as our young man has moved into this new phase of his life of becoming a warrior for King and Country.  Jodi and I are so proud of him, but we miss him a lot!

As I’ve faced these and other joys and challenges in recent weeks, I have been reminded as never before that “all I have is Christ” and I am so dependent on Him each day – for life, breath, provision, and the ability to be faithful and fruitful.  He is truly my all in all.  We sang a wonderful song in church today that sort of wraps up my story to this point.  I hope you all enjoy it too!

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