Astounding Grace

It has been an amazing year of healing for our marriage, as God has taken me from new believer to a man who truly longs to be fully surrendered to Him each day.  Part of this surrender has been learning to die daily, mostly in small ways, for my wife.  What a joy it has been to see Him bring us together, really for the first time, and show us at least the beginnings of what true Christian marriage means.

On Friday, February 12, 2016, Jodi agreed to receive from me a new wedding band.  I promised her, before three of our children, to be faithful to God and to her for the rest of our lives.  It is only by His astounding grace that this could have happened … and will continue.  We are truly objects of His mercy, and as our joy grows, we look forward to the fruitful adventure He has in store for us.  To God be the Glory!


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