More morning (mourning) thoughts…

Remembering this day, 14 years ago, hearing about the Twin Towers and feeling it was so surreal, then watching the coverage here in the lunch room and having it become so real, the horror sinking in. Sin has seemed surreal, but He is graciously showing me how real and horrific it is. How it grieves Him and destroys others.

Another picture on the way in. As I was driving, I happened to see an apartment lit up, revealing a whole wall of books, I was thinking of how I’ve always loved books. When I would get my new text books for the term, I would fondle them, coddle them, put them on the shelf. I loved possessing the books, but not the knowledge they contained. It’s much easier to be a book owner than it is to wrestle and fight and work for knowledge. I was also content to be a Christian (nominally). I was not so interested in knowing Christ and being his possession and doing the hard work of sanctification.

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